2024-2025 3d Georgia Annual Tryouts

Join us for 3d Georgia Annual Tryouts for the 2024-2025 Season! At 3d Lacrosse, we go beyond the ordinary, committed to delivering an unparalleled club team experience for players and families seeking more. Our unique level of instruction immerses players in the 3d Methodology and training, an experience unlike any other in the lacrosse landscape. Our track record of player development sets us apart, aiming to unlock each player's full potential.

*Please reach out to James Leary, jleary@3dlacrosse.com, directly if you're interested in trying out but have a conflict with this date/times for your age group. *


Dates/Times: July 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 

July 20-21st

2033-35: 9a-10:30a

2031, 2032: 11a-12:30p

2029, 2030: 1p-2:30p

2028: 3-4:30p

2027: 5-6:30p

2026: 6:30-8p

July 22nd

2029, 2030: 5:30p-7p

2028: 7:30-9p

July 23rd

2028: 5:30-7p

2027: 7:30-9p

July 24th

2027: 6-8p (Callbacks)

2026: 6-8p



Mt Pisgah Patriot Athletic Campus 

9825 Brumbelow Rd

Johns Creek, GA



$80/player, covers all days attended